Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lexmark Using Inkjet Cartridge Chips AND Spyware!

The low ink indication is triggered by hardware within the ink cartridge. The ink cartridges have unique hardware identification numbers assigned to them and when that number changes, the unit knows that a new ink cartridge has been installed and resets the ink counters however since the cartidge has already been recognized by the printer it must be manually reset.

Typically the printer remembers up to 2 ID numbers and on the 3rd cartridge it will disregard the 1st cartridge you inserted. So rotating cartridges is the best solution for resetting the printer.

Resetting in this manner requires three cartridges.
Label the top of each cartridge with a letter. As an example A B C.

1. "A" is in the printer (printer knows "A")
2. "A" is removed and replaced with "B" (printer knows "A" & "B")
3. "B" is removed and replaced with "C" (printer knows "B" & "C" & "A" is dropped from the list)
At this point though "A" has been in the printer, the print no longer remembers it or retains the information that it was there.

Even if you have cartridges that were repeatedly refilled and the print heads no longer work, they should be usable for resetting purposes.

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